Monday, 17 September 2018

Mapping the Generations of Anime Fandom in the UK - FSN2017

The next talk I delivered relating to my research was at the Fan Studies Network Conference, held at the University of Huddersfield in June 2017. It consisted of an expanded analysis of the demographic data I got from my questionnaire, revisited Azuma's generations of otaku, and revised the proposals about anime fandom generations in the UK I made back in 2012.

No-one had any questions to ask at the Q&A panel afterwards but I did have some very interesting talks with other academics in attendance afterwards, which was fantastic!

Here's a link to the first panel I ran at Amecon, "The Changing Face of British Anime Fandom".

And here's a link to the paper I subsequently delivered at the Manga Movies Project Symposium at the University of East Anglia, "From Weird to Wired: The Internet and 'Fourth Generation' Anime Fandom".

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